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About Us

LowPolyHead is an independent, international proactive production studio, which provides mediation, development and production in game development industry.

Our studio is a network with extensive experience and a wide range of contacts, providing an important interface between developers, publishers, distributors and investors. Our main task is to get the best idea for you and your game projects and connect you with the right companies.


Driving the Game Development Market through Better Business Development Solutions.


Creating value by providing leading edge business-to-business game development solutions that enable the ultimate mutual benefit and successful long-term relationship.


You will have a reliable partner with core competences of business development, production, sales, creative services and research.

LowPolyHead is experienced and goal oriented.

We appreciating the value of the old school games and has been grown by the first computer games, raised by the sequels and forged by the market.

What We Can Offer

PR and marketing

Promotional materials, business cards, flyers to be created and printed, your website content, fresh business idea; your company presentation at game shows.

Publishing services

If you are looking for the reliable Publisher – we can offer you a good contract just now – and your game will be in top new free app in the category in Google Play already this week.

Game Development

We make games. Games by order and our in-house titles. We are experts in pinball and slots. Order your cool game and make money.

Build Production Team

Building cost effective professional game development teams. Branches opening, registration, office set up, company’s main documentation/policy preparation.

SaaS solutions

We have done it before for ourselves and our clients and we can help you achieve the same.

Game User Acquisition

Always fresh new ideas and special offers for involving new users to your games. Find out what we gave for the moment.

Business Development

Wanna develop your business more quickly and have you contracts asap – we have many contacts you need in game development industry. We have the answers to your questions.


Any business model you want to cooperate while hiring new game development professionals/teams for your projects: cost plus, fixed price, whatever – we have great talents to realize your games any time.

Our Hub

We will be glad to work with you.

The companies cover all range of game development and publishing services that you may need in this area. We have only the best experts in game development business. If you would like to join our partner’s network – please feel free to get in touch and we will find the common ground.


Integra has a team of about 40 professional modellers, texture artists, sound designers, programmers and animators in our production pool.

1st Games

In-house Game Developement. We have produced about 20 projects for our customers and have been working on our own in’house titles now.


Market leading dashboard will help you improve your business. It will provide you full control over your campaign

Our Partners

Join our partner’s network.

We glad to work with our Partners. Among them the best Publishers, demand Partners and Ad networks.

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